Meet the Team.

Stuart Glass

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An unknown, unspecified, or odd person.

‘I just sat down by myself and talked to some randoms’

‘some randoms in the crowd asked Ivan Ljubicic to take a photo for them’

‘unlike other fan mail from randoms, this was special’

Declan Glass 

Declan is currently in his first year apprenticeship as a professional footballer with Dundee United FC and within the apprenticeship is furthering his education in Accountancy and Finance.


In his time off he assists Dad to gain practical experience in using accounting systems, managing client data and general practice operation.


To date Declan has mastered the shredder, copier, making the tea and is at advanced level of filing.

Jake Blair

Jake is currently a sixth year pupil at Ross High School. Having passed his Highers he has taken more subjects in six year to further his academia with his long term aim to become a chartered accountant.


Currently Jake is mastering the wold of debits and credits two days a week in addition to his studies.  


Jakes other interests are watching football and having a cheeky Nandos with the boys.